Refund Policy

We offer the greatest online assistance for attending classes. However, we have specific return procedures that let you request a refund if you're unhappy with our work or service and believe you didn't make the right investment. Our independent panel decides on all refunds and examines each claim before disbursing monies.

The following points outlines our refund policies:

~ Please get in touch with us and provide the receipts to our email if you discover that you have been billed more than once for a single task. We will reimburse you for any excess payment as soon as we can.

~ You are eligible for a refund if you miss the deadline that we set. However, no refund will be issued to you if your changes to the order cause the deadline to be missed.

~ Before being sent to you, all of the classwork and projects are run through a number of plagiarism detection systems. However, if you believe that any of the course material contains plagiarism, we will edit the classwork at no additional cost to remove any text that you have identified as plagiarized, in these situations, we will not issue a refund.

~ You can reserve a different student for the same amount of money at no cost if you choose to cancel your order after you have paid and the task has not yet been allocated to an expert. If the class taking expert begins working on your task, you will need to complete it in the same order and will not receive your money back.

~ We will keep revising your classwork until you are satisfied and it satisfies all standards because our goal is to provide you with the best answers for your projects or classwork. Nonetheless, the revisions are completed in a month (30 days). If a rework request is made more than one month after the class taking service shipment date, we will not consider it. Furthermore, we don't give money back in these situations.

~ The best class taker for your job is the one we assign, although occasionally the right class taker might not be available or might be working on another classwork. Should anything similar happen, you can either send us another classwork worth the same amount of money, or we will reimburse your money.

NOTE: You are not eligible for a refund and one won't be given if your claim doesn't fit under any of the aforementioned conditions mentioned above.