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Case Study Writing Help

Case Study Writing Help

Case Study Writing Help

A case study is a critical analysis of a particular situation or problem. An Academic case study is basically a factual research work on any issue. It is mostly based on the analysis of the present situation and the explanation of how it happened and why it happened like this?

A case study paper can be about an individual (like a pop star, politician), group (a group of friends you hang out with or your school cricket team), or even an organization (like Google, Facebook). The main aim of writing your case study is to describe the professions/career and provide an analysis about the rise or fall of that particular profession.

How to Write an Effective Academic Case Study Paper?

Title Page

The first paragraph of your case study paper is its title page. You can skip this paragraph if you are writing an executive summary, abstract, or table of contents. Otherwise, make it interesting with something like “A Case Study on the Origin and Growth of Walmart.”


In the absence of a separate section for abstracts in academic papers, you can put your abstract at the starting of a new page after a full stop/period. No reference citations should be included here as they would appear in paragraphs further down below. This paragraph should be around two to four sentences. Summarize your case study paper in words, convey its content or message without any references.


The introduction of the academic case study paper is just like that for any other research paper but with a twist. To begin with, it should have an interesting opening statement that captures the attention of the researcher/reader. You can even quote someone if you feel that makes sense in context. Remember not to go overboard while trying to make an impact on the reader though. As long as it flows easily and is authentic, goes well with the theme of your case study, it will work fine for you. After this introductory statement comes to the basic structure of what remains your body paragraphs throughout the case study paper. Each paragraph will have a heading in bold to explain the main idea of the paragraph.

Body Paragraphs

You can avoid using I or We anywhere in the body of your case study if you do not feel comfortable doing so. This makes it more effective when you are writing for someone else rather than yourself with an aim to impress them. Use strong sentences that compel the reader to read further down what remains your content within each individual paragraph. Besides being interesting, this also adds variety and flow to your case study paper which makes it easier for any reader to process and understand what is being communicated by you as a writer through your choices of words and expressions/terminology used throughout the academic paper. Use sufficient sentences to make a full paragraph and stick to the main idea or argument you are trying to put across in each individual section here.


The case study paper may end with a single paragraph called a conclusion summarizing what remains your key points. Use it as an opportunity to reiterate the interest of your research question which should have been included at the very beginning when writing an executive summary, abstract, or table of contents for your case study paper if it was not already done so earlier. Do not add anything new here that has not been communicated throughout the rest of your academic paper. Instead, use this paragraph specifically to tie up all loose ends by compressing everything within its core sentence(s) before going on to give a final statement on how successful your case study was.

Reference List

At the end of your case study paper, you should provide a reference list with page numbers to show where you got information that is not common knowledge and/or has been communicated by more than one author that is included in the body paragraphs of your academic paper. This gives credit to those whose work you have drawn upon and does it in a way that makes sense contextually. If you’ve used quotes within the body of your case study, make sure these are placed as such (within inverted commas or ” “) as quotes here as well. Also make sure to follow the required referencing styles for whatever format you chose when writing your executive summary, abstract, or table of contents.

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